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"Social Media and Marketing in Today's Marketplace" -- Nashville, TN (January 21)
Peter Blake, SEFA Executive Director

The program is being held on Wednesday, January 21 at the Courtyard Marriott, Nashville Airport from 6:30 - 8:30 pm.  There will be no charge for Members of SEFA/DLI and a nominal $20/person for non-members.  

Those who attend will learn the three steps to developing a marketing plan as well as how to integrate Social Media into your marketing plan.  The workshop will explore all the tips and techniques of Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, Texting, and Web navigation.  Peter will also discuss effective ways to communicate with your customers and getting the most of all the tools you have at your disposal.

This is a great opportunity to meet the SEFA Executive Director, and to learn all the ways the SEFA/DLI partnership can help your business grow and prosper.  DLI has done an outstanding job of developing consumer information, marketing tools, and materials to help you promote your business.  Attendees will learn about DLI’s FREE website program,  how to use the DLI Online Encyclopedia effectively, and how to best use the Consumer Articles DLI publishes for members every month. 

“One of the most frequent requests we get,” offered Peter Blake, “is for ways we can increase sales -- both volume and customer count.  I developed this program to demonstrate how small businesses can capitalize on the low-cost, highly effective communications vehicles now available. Social Media, e-mail, web site development, press releases -- these are all ways you can promote your business and build volume.  I hope members will take advantage of this opportunity to come and learn how to use the tools available!” 

For more information on the program or to register, click here to download a registration form or call the SEFA Office: 877-707-7332.

"OSHA Compliance Workshop" -- Knoxville, TN (January 22, 2015)
Peter Blake, SEFA Executive Director

Peter Blake, SEFA Executive Director, will be hosting an OSHA Compliance Workshop from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm, Thursday January 22.  The program will be held at the Fairfield Inn & Suites on Snyder Road in Knoxville.  The program will be free for all SEFA/DLI members, while non-members will be charged $20/person. 

The program is specifically designed to answer all your OSHA Compliance Questions including the new HazCom Requirements and how to handle an OSHA Inspection. The program will also feature updates on Tennessee regulations, and assistance on compliance issues. In recent issues of The Reclaimer, SEFA has featured articles on the recent ordeals of one of our members when dealing with OSHA. This program is built around helping you avoid the costly mistakes made by not understanding OSHA Regulations and not understanding your rights when dealing with the agency.

“Without a doubt, commented Peter Blake, “OSHA strikes fear in the hearts of our members -- because we are seldom ready to respond to their inquires.  Many believe that the chances of an OSHA visit are small, but it is more likely that you would think.  There are tools available to you to properly prepare, and to properly ensure your employees safety."

The workshop will also feature a discussion of your rights, responsibilities, and procedures in dealing with OSHA and how to handle complaints and inquires.  All who attend this workshop will be given a sample Hazard Communications Program that they will be able to adapt to their plants -- including the adoption of the new HazCom labeling and Safety Data Sheet requirements.  They will also be given a list of the top 12 OSHA violations, and a checklist that you can bring back to your plant to gauge your compliance status.
Peter Blake has been working with regulatory issues facing drycleaners for over 20 years.  He has been on-site for numerous OSHA Inspections, has attended settlement conferences, and has assisted cleaners up and down the East Coast deal with OSHA and other State Agencies.  

For more information on the program or to register, click here to download a registration form or call the SEFA Office: 877-707-7332.

"Whine & Wine, Beer & Brainstorming" -- Atlanta, GA (January 24)
SEFA Board of Directors

“Whine & Wine/Beer & Brainstorming” is SEFA’s newest program, and it is coming to Atlanta, GA on January 24.   This is your chance to explore answers to your most challenging dilemmas.  This is a perfect way to learn techniques and tips  to take advantage of your most profitable opportunities.

The program will feature a relaxed, casual setting designed for the peer-to-peer sharing of information.  The room will be set-up in roundtables, and each table will have a suggested topic and or theme.  The people at the table will freely discuss and explore answers to the questions or devle into ways people have been able to capitalize on opportunities.  We will have notes taken for all topics and we will distribute them to those in attendance, so that even if you can’t be at the table, you can hear what was discussed and some new ideas.

“This is a very unique program,” commented Rhonda Eysel, SEFA Education Co-Chair, “and I am really excited for it.  One of the best benefits of membership is interaction with experts and peers, and the chance to learn from others.  An open forum like this can be a  powerful tool to learn.  You will quickly realize that you are not alone with your struggles, and you can learn how people have been able to navigate through similar problems and challenges.  The SEFA Board is made up of drycleaners from throughout the SEFA area, as well as some of the best allied trades people in the country.  This is an exceptional way to relax, and ask questions and explore ways to improve your business.”

The round table will be held on Saturday, January 24 at the Embassy Suites in the Buckhead section of Atlanta, GA from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm. (Or for as long as you want to Whine & Brainstorm!).  The program is free for all SEFA Members and there is a nominal $25/person charge for non-members.  Non-members who sign up during the event will have their fee credited towards membership.  
SEFA will have light refreshments and a cash bar set-up. Members are invited to send in topics in advance of the meeting, and any suggestions will be forwarded to the Board so they can prepare to assist.

For more information on the program or to register, click here to download a registration form or call the SEFA Office: 877-707-7332.

"The Art of Stain Removal" -- Ft. Lauderdale, FL (January 31)

"Shirt and Drycleaning Finishing" -- Ft. Lauderdale, FL (February 1)
Jane Zellers

SEFA will feature Jane Zellers on January 31 & February 1 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  She will be presenting two one-day programs starting with Stain Removal on Saturday and then Shirt and Drycleaning Finishing on Sunday.  

“Jane is always a huge draw for us”, commented Rhonda Eysel, Education Co-chair, “and she is such an amazing instructor.  We are really excited to be able to bring one of the industry’s best speakers to our members.”

The program is designed as two separate programs, but there is a discount for plants that wish to attend both programs.  

Stain Removal Workshop

Jane will use a combination of classroom and hands on training to explore the complex chemistry of professional stain removal.  Those who attend this day-long workshop will learn the finer points of stain removal.  Participants will learn the techniques and special time saving tips to become an expert.  They will learn ways to increase both efficiency and productivity -- safely.  Jane will demonstrate how to get even the most difficult stains out, and then guide participants as they stand at the board and work through the stain removal process themselves.  Hands on instruction means that you will learn by doing -- not just by watching the expert.  You will actually be working under the trained eye of one of the industry’s foremost expert trainers.

Shirt Laundry and Drycleaning Finishing

This program will be held on Sunday, February 1, 2015.  Those who attend will learn how to produce a quality-finished garment in drycleaning and laundry.  You will also learn how to set production standards for your drycleaning and shirt laundry departments.  Jane will explore the need and procedures to set individual, departmental and plant pieces per hour (PPH)
Every employee has a PPH to achieve and when you manage your production floor, decrease your labor hours and increase your profitability, you will begin to achieve your potential. Jane will draw on her years of experience to explore the importance of workflow and proper equipment placement, and the need to perform scheduled maintenance for all drycleaning and laundry equipment.  This is an intense, hands-on technical workshop. 

The cost for each program for DLI Members is $99.00 for the first person and additional Members are $89.00.  There is an added $30/person charge for non-members.  For plants wishing to send people to both programs, there is a $50 savings on the combined registration.

For more information on the program or to register, click here to download a registration form or call the SEFA Office: 877-707-7332.

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