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What the South Eastern Fabricare Association Does for You

The South Eastern Fabricare Association (SEFA) is a regional trade association for professional drycleaners and launderers serving all Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee. SEFA is proud to be partnered with the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute and maintains a 100% overlapping membership. Simply put, if you are a member of one, you are a member of both!

As a member you are kept up to date on all the latest industry news. Members are also sent news bulletins alerting them to the latest changes in regulatory actions and efforts. We are your number one source of information, and always here to help and assist where needed.

Call today and find out how we can help you: 877-707-7332!

SEFA Services:

  1. Education: Seminars, clinics, management conferences, finishing courses and other meetings are held where interest indicates enough members will support them.
  2. Legislative:  By participating as a member of state chambers of commerce, SEFA is kept abreast of legislation in each state. SEFA works with the EPA and other governmental agencies in developing fair and workable guidelines for drycleaners.
  3. Publications: SEFA publishes monthly issues of "The Reclaimer" newsletter. This is the main contact with members and brings current information such as news, technical articles, special features, advertisements, personal notes and a calendar of events. SEFA members are invited to run a classified ad at no charge.  As a  member of SEFA, you will also receive all DLI Publications.
  4. Convention:  On even-numbered years the Southern Drycleaners and Launderers Show is held. National speakers are on hand to bring members up to date on the latest technical information. The show also includes the largest exhibits in the South East where manufacturers and suppliers are on hand. They demonstrate the newest equipment in the industry and answer questions on many subjects relating to dry cleaning.
  5. Referrals: The association can put members in contact with special services such as accountants, consultants, environmental attorneys, etc.
  6. Library: SEFA maintains a library of newsletters, magazines, cassettes and videotapes for use by members. All DLI publications are kept on file for reference. The office has a variety of leaflets on care labels, garment cleaning, consumer relations, etc.
  7. Common Bond: Perhaps one of the most important advantages of being a SEFA member is the common bond that all members have - that of a professional. We can learn from each other and help each other by utilizing the resources available through a common bond - SEFA.

AND, there is more

  • Full membership in the National Association, the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute (DLI), automatically comes with SEFA membership. You are represented against adverse legislation in Washington and the state capitals.
  • Educational meetings are scheduled throughout the region.
  • Added recognition and prestige for your business when customers realize your industry dedication from wall plaques and emblems.
  • An executive representative is on call to help you with any problem.
  • Technical schools and courses are offered on both a resident and correspondent basis.
  • Special technical services may be requested such as solvent analysis, cleaning performance tests, and vapor exposure testing.
  • Family conventions combine top-of-the-line educational instruction with good fellowship, recreation and social activities.
  • Special bulletins with information on problem fabrics or threatening legislation are rushed to members.
  • Good relations with the fashion industry and ongoing testing for manufacturers identifies some unserviceable garments before they get to the market.
  • Scholarships for the General Drycleaning Course at DLI are offered.
  • Garment analysis to determine cause and responsibility for fabric damage/failure is available.
  • Phone Toll Free for instant technical consultation.
  • Property and casualty insurance specifically tailored for drycleaners.
  • SEFA's Southern Drycleaners and Launderers Show is a popular industry tradeshow and equipment exhibit.
  • Assistance in complying with regulations of EPA, OSHA and other government agencies is provided in an educational format.
  • Liaison through associate membership and board of directors' participation with distributors and manufacturers of drycleaner supplies and equipment.
  • Continuing cooperation by your association with Better Business Bureaus, retailers, manufacturers, home economists, and other consumer professionals.
  • Free employee relations advice from our management consulting firm regarding overtime...drug/alcohol testing...separations...

Email us:  fran@sefa.org

South Eastern Fabricare Association
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