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President's Message

I am sure you all are feeling the same pressures and same challenges we are. Help is hard to find and keep. Over the counter volume is down. We are seeing less of the traditional dryclean only garments in for processing. I know we are not alone with those challenges. Our business has had to face those challenges and realize there are opportunities. We have had to look at the landscape and try and pinpoint areas where we can do better, and reach more people.

For us, one of our key areas of growth was a contract with the military base near us. It was an unbelievable amount of work, and a prolonged process to get the contract. We were pretty discouraged through the process wondering if we were doing the right thing --but we did it, and it has been a huge boon for our business.

Now my main headaches are finding personnel and employees capable of doing the work. Like I said before, we all share those challenges. What are you all doing differently? I know we are looking at increasing wash-dry-fold.

This is a growing service in our area. We are starting to gear our marketing towards the working families and enticing them to outsource their chores and create more family time. I would really love to hear some of the changes and new opportunities my fellow drycleaners are making.

Education Opportunities
As you see on the front page, we are hosting a great workshop on WDF in Tampa.  We will host in-person workshops and events in each of our states over the course of the next year.  If you would like to see something in your area, reach out to the office and request it.  We are always looking for feedback and suggestions.  

I have gained so much knowledge and experience through my Board participation over the years, and we are proud to offer the same opportunity to all our members. 
The SEFA Board moves its meetings between all the states in the region, so we will hopefully come to a city close enough for you all to join in. It is fun, social -- and professionally rewarding!

Lastly -- we do have openings on the SEFA Board and are looking for people from South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia that want to get involved. If interested please reach out to me directly or call Peter Blake at the SEFA Office to learn more.

Jason Windham,
SEFA President

Holiday Cleaners, Demopolis, AL

(334) 289-3101

Randy Parham

Chairman of the Board

Orlando, FL



Glen Gould

Peachtree City, GA


Jason Windham


Coles Taylor 


DLI District III Director

Don Holecek

Knoxville, TN

(865) 584-7464

DLI District III Director
Committee Member

Rhonda Eysel​

Columbus, GA

(706) 561-4000


State Directors


Josh Watkins, VP

Jason Windham


Dan Cha, VP

Randy Parham

Jeff Alexander

Wash Respess



Glen Gould, VP

Rhonda Eysel

South Carolina

Coles Taylor, VP

Ron Garrett



Don Holecek, VP

Allied Trade Directors

Ready to leave a mark? Contact us!


Mack Magnus

M&B Hanger


Jim Groshans


Frank Briercheck,

Seitz: The Fresher Company



Rick Mugno


Arthur Weiss,

R.R. Street Company

South Carolina

Scott Gribbon,

FabriClean Supply



Mark Albrecht,

The Route Pros


Thanks for submitting!

Peter Blake

Executive Director



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