SEFA Board Report from Nashville

SEFA recently held its summer Board meeting in Nashville, TN.  
The Board focussed on four major areas of concern: Membership, Member Services, Education, and next year’s Southern Drycleaners and Launderers Show (SDLS) in Orlando, FL.

“This was a great meeting”, offered Rhonda Eysel, SEFA President,. “and I am really excited about the future of SEFA.  This meeting laid the foundation for a great 2020. “

The SEFA Board is making membership growth and retention a top priority.  In order to accomplish that, they are recommitting to an aggressive Educational Program that will see programs in each one of the SEFA States.  SEFA is also committed to a stronger in-field presence and has authorized Executive Director, Peter Blake, to spend more time visiting and interacting with the members and prospective members.